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Republican intimidating voters

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I assume the purpose of this bogus lawsuit is to distract from the voter fraud the Democrats have traditionally engaged in.”Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller told CNN on Oct.

27 that the unnamed official “either A) was not qualified to give such a quote or B) had no idea what they were talking about.”Miller said on Oct.

With early voting under way, civil rights groups have said they have heard isolated reports of self-described poll monitors photographing voters and engaging in other intimidating behavior.

Democrats also sued Republican operative Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally who is organizing an exit-polling effort.

Democrats filed lawsuits against the Donald Trump campaign and other Republicans to stop potential voter intimidation at the polls in four battleground states.

The complaints — filed Sunday by state Democratic parties in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Arizona — came nine days before the presidential election, and allege a “coordinated campaign of vigilante voter intimidation” that violates the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871, which bans private conspiracies to intimidate or threaten voters.

Since August, Trump has urged his supporters to monitor polling locations on Election Day for signs of possible voting fraud, often urging them to keep a close eye on cities like Philadelphia and St. Campaigning in Ohio, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Trump was hoping to discourage people from participating in the election. "That is evidence of politics, not wrongdoing," the RNC said.

District Judge James Gwin issued a restraining order barring the Trump campaign and Roger Stone from engaging in “harassing or intimidating conduct” at the polls.He told his supporters at a rally in Pennsylvania to go watch voters in "certain places" outside of their own communities, a piercing dog-whistle call to descend on non-white areas that vote heavily Democratic. People in Ohio talked openly about racially profiling would-be voters to intimidate them—a federal crime.A right-wing group best known for descending heavily armed on Ferguson, Missouri, during Black Lives Matter protests is calling on members to "go and hunt down" alleged vote fraud.They ask the court to stop “exit polling” and “citizen journalist” activities at election sites by the state Republican parties, the Trump campaign, longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone, and a group called Stop the Steal that was formed by Stone.“Trump’s calls for unlawful intimidation have grown louder and louder, and the conspiracy to harass and threaten voters on Election Day has already resulted in acts that threaten the voting rights of registered Pennsylvania voters,” the Pennsylvania complaint states.More than 23 million people across the country have already cast absentee ballots or voted early in person, according to the nonpartisan United States Election Project.[]The lawsuits cite an unnamed official’s comments to Bloomberg News on Oct.“Stop the Steal in partnership with Vote Protectors is conducting a neutral, scientifically based EXIT POLL in order to compare the actual machine results with the exit poll results in 7,000 key precincts.”Stone said the methodology is no different than that used in network consortium exit polls.“We are not coordinating with the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee or the individual Republican state committees,” Stone wrote in the email.