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Aid worker dating

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“He said later that if I got the job, he knew he’d pursue me,” Fajardo said with a laugh. but it took us nine months to start dating.”After nearly five years of regional work in Africa, Fajardo and her husband made the decision that something had to give; her extensive travel — which she was able to do with their young son — combined with his 75 percent time commitment in the field often meant they had just two or three days a month together.

Recently relocated to Peru, Fajardo will finish work with her current employer in March and focus on consulting thereafter to spend less time on the road, in the air or on Skype — and more time with her growing family.

Of course, that influences the chances to find a partner in very negative ways,” Lala Ahmadova, staff counsellor at the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), told IRIN.

“Aid work always looks very glamorous from the outside.

Everybody expects that they will meet somebody amazing like the French MSF [Médecins Sans Frontières] doctor with whom they will have these wonderful romance travels around the world,” said Julia*, an aid worker who just left Haiti after a lengthy tour of duty and is ready to start a stable relationship.

“Occasionally that happens, but looking at my colleagues in the business, many are feeling isolated and torn apart.

These are the much more likely stories.” While there might be reason enough to date an aid worker - the popular blog Why Dev lists the most obvious (your partner will never make you listen to Bono - after all, what does he know about aid?