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This list does not distinct between the recent stage of development, application purpose, distribution or hardware platform.

Operating systems with different version numbers are only considered if they are technically clearly different to each other.

The following section details considerations for deploying Windows XP SP2 using SUS.

Note: SUS is available as a free download to customers with a Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 Server license and can be downloaded from

You may need to check for compatibility not only for the OS but also for applications that you may intend to run on the computer.1.

Installation type: You need to determine whether you require a standard installation or a custom installation.

For this purpose, a Hardware Compatible List (HCL) is provided by modern Windows Operating systems.

Check HCL before proceeding with installation or upgrade of OS.

The most operating systems can be traced down to few development lines and derive from a small amount of system software.

Under ideal conditions for a dedicated SUS server, assuming a 100 Mbps server network card capacity with 20% of this capacity consumed as overhead, it will take approximately 30 seconds for a SUS client to download the Windows XP SP2 update from the server.

This translates to 2880 client downloads in a 24-hour period.

You are welcome to inform me about missing operating systems to complete this list further.

Who has more informations about operating systems and want to be part of this project is welcome to contact me over e-mail as well. KSanos SCO Open Server SCOPEScorch OSScotts New OSScout SCPSCP (System Control Program)SCP-IBESelf-RSe OSSequent SEVMS VAXShark Sharp OSShawn OSSIBOSinclair Sinix SINTRAN IIISky OSSlikwares Multi TASOBSSolaris Solar_OSSolbourne UNIXSOSSP6800Spice Spice/MTSPINSpinix SPOXSpring Squeak SSP (System Support Program)STAR-OSSTARCOSStarplex II OSSting Stream OSSubsump SUMOSun MOSSun OSSunrise OSSuper DOSSVMSVRSwitch OSSyllable Symbian OSSymb OSSymobi Symphony OSSynapse System 6 (Mac OS)System 7 (Mac OS)System V Release Tabos TABOSTal OSTAOSTENEXTHEThix Thread XThrill OSTI-99 4ATiny OSTIS APLTNIXTOPS-10TOPS-20Topsy Tornado Torsion TOSTPF (Transaction Processing Facility)Triangle OSTripos TRONTRS-DOSTru64 UNIXTSX-32TUD: OSTUNESTurbo DOSUber OSUCSD-p UDOSUltrix UMDSUMNUNI/OSUnicos UNICOS/lc Uni FLEXUnisys U5000Unix System Unix Ware Unununium USIXUTSUXP/VV2 OSVapour Veloce OS3VERSAdos Visi On Visopsys Visual Network OSVM/ESAVM/VSEVMEVMSVRTX/8002VRTX/OSVSEVSOSVSTa VTOSVx Works WEGAWild Magnolia Windows 7Windows 8Windows 10Windows 95Windows 98Windows 98 SEWindows 2000Windows Automotive Windows CEWindows MEWindows NTWindows Server 2003Windows Server 2003 R2Windows Server 2008Windows Server 2008 R2Windows Vista Windows XPWin Mac WIZRDx-kernel XAOSXDOSXenix Xinux Mach XOSXTSYamit Yaxic Yoctixz-VMz/OSZ9001-OSZeal OSZephyr Zeta Zeus Zilogze Ven OSZMOSZot OSZRTS 8000 3Anoppix64 Studio Absolute Linux Abuldu Adamantix ADIOSAdler Linux Admelix Admiral Linux AGNULAAlcolix Alinexa Linux Ali Xe Alpine Linux ALT Linuxamaro K Live Amberand Linux Android Android Things Ankur Annvix An Nyung Anonym.