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We generously give 14 days vacation per year which leaves only 1 day available for work and I'll be darned if you are going to take that day off! Most of us will know this Chinese sex kitten from Charlies Angels or Kill Bill and many may even have fantasised about engaging in acts of lewd sexual behaviour involving her which is lucky because that's exactly what this video is - little Lucy giving some guy the blow job of a life time!

If you thought Paris Hilton was good at this you aint seen nothing yet! - Lucy Liu Giving Head - A couple was watching a Discovery Channel special about an African bush tribe whose men all had penises 24 inches long.

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As the man nicely points out the omission of his coffee to the stewardess, the parrot downs his drink and shouts, "And get me another whisky you slut." Visibly shaken, the stewardess comes back with the parrot's whisky but still no coffee for the man.

The man asks the stewardess for a cup of coffee and the parrot squawks, "And why don't you get me a whisky you bitch." The stewardess, flustered by the parrot's outburst, brings back a whisky for the parrot but inadvertently forgets the man's cup of coffee.

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Find out about the Feabie site itself on the About Feabie page. You can customize your Global and Local Newsfeeds by setting your site-wide filter with basic criteria—from physical attributes like height, weight and body type to personal info like relationship status, shared kinks and whether they like your body type.

Funky Feet - Vin Diesel Rap - Bullet Proof - Bert & Ernie - Amazing Hannah - Super Tittie Shakin Blondie With Hot Ass - Girls Fooling Around - Call On Me! I won't laugh." Blushing the man drops his trousers. Unaccustomed to such slackness, the man decides that he is going to try the parrot's approach, "I've asked you twice for a cup of coffee wench, I expect you to get it for me right now or I'm going to slap that disgustingly ugly face of yours! There are 52 weeks per year in which you already have 2 days off per week, leaving 261 days available for work.

- True Babes - Unbelievable Body Two hillbillies, Hubba and Bubba, were walking through the grassy fields of Alabama. " He quickly hurries over to the sheep, drops his pants and hastily has his way with the sheep. " Next thing they know, both the man and the parrot are wrenched up and thrown out of the emergency exit by 2 burly stewards. Since you spend 16 hours each day away from work, you have used up 170 days, leaving only 91 days available.

On Feabie you will find advanced search tools to help you discover people in your area, who share your interests, who fit your type or have the same kinks as you.

No matter what your criteria are, we’ve got a search for it: Age, location, weight, BMI, sexual kinks and preferences, body type, languages spoken, relationship status, etc.