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And that's one reason why they are winners in beauty contests and are often recruited as fashion models.

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One blog, Chateau Heartiste, particularly interested me, because it has a Dating Market Value Test.

Twenty-six questions are used to assign men a value score from -26 to 26.

It’s also important to note that fair or not, a woman is at her physical and fertility peak a full decade younger than a man is at his wealth, status, and power peak.

Now you can say that’s sexist, or unfair, or not true*. It’s the rare woman who looks better at 40 than she did at 22, and no woman is more fertile at 40 than she was at 22. [* And remember, men are not immune to this effect either.

I can't dispute that the guy knows his stuff, but by essentially giving each item an equal weighting, the scoring scale is less useful than it could potentially be.

What is fascinating about the test is the low weight it gives the obvious measures of desirability - good job, good income, high education, uncomplicated marital history.

Any man who is reasonably fit, out-going, and risk-taking can get a high score, as long as he behaves like an "alpha".

Unfortunately many women today focus on their SMV in their youth, and don’t consider how the actions she takes in her teens and 20s could either positively or negatively affect her MMV.

Or in other words, short term gains in SMV can lead to big losses in MMV.