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Its song is never harsh and the bird is skilful in both technique and modulation of tone.

It is one of the more charming and tireless of vocalists.

Salbador Ceballos-Gomez leading Songbird back and in stall.

Songbird goes to training track with Travis Warnken up and Destin Heath on pony Stumbles on Jan.

Carrot on the van ride from Salbador Ceballos-Gomez.

And for many of us its rich and vigorous song must make it top of our ornithological pops.

Nearly 2,000 years ago, Pliny the Elder wrote in Rome: “There is not a pipe or instrument in all the world..can afford more musick than this pretty bird doth out of that little throat”.

In the wild, a young bird would add the finer details during the first few weeks of its life, having learnt them from its father and other cock chaffinches within hearing; and again in the following year when the wild chaffinch's first breeding season approached, it came to sing in competition with neighbouring territory-holders.

These recordings of the impoverished and the full songs illustrate the difference, exposing what is apparently the embroidery that has to be learnt, though bird behaviourists are increasingly reluctant to adhere to the “nature vs nurture” dichotomy because new research is showing development to be very complex.