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Nonetheless, he has revealed the due date is July 28.

Dating the emergence of pandemic influenza

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The combined knowledge of which virus subtypes can potentially become pandemic and the characterization of changes essential for adaptation of individual viruses to humans will improve pandemic preparedness by allowing surveillance activities to identify specific genetic and phenotypic changes and allowing vaccine preparation for the most urgent threats.The complete genomes of the 175 archived H2N2 influenza viruses isolated from humans (1957 to 1968) and birds (1961 to 2012) were sequenced using a high-throughput next-generation sequencing pipeline on a 454/Roche GS-FLX and Illumina Hi Seq 2000 platform, as described previously (3–5), and consensus sequences were deposited in Gen Bank (see Table S1 in the supplemental material).

I am just so grateful I came through," Martin said, wiping his eyes.But there are no known precursor viruses to the 1918 strain, so the computational results can only infer the time of interspecies transmission, based on known patterns of genetic evolution.The genetic data itself was derived from virus strains that have evolved since 1918.But, the viral genome alone is unlikely to provide answers to some critical questions.Understanding the 1918 pandemic and its implications for future pandemics requires careful experimentation and in-depth historical analysis. The impact of this pandemic was not limited to 1918–1919.The 1957 A/H2N2 influenza virus caused an estimated 2 million fatalities during the pandemic.