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We can use this generic function to collect the values of selected options for any multi-select element in a form.

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Damn Small Linux (commonly abbreviated DSL) is a computer operating system for the x86 family of personal computers.

It is free and open source software under the terms of the GNU GPL and other free and open source licenses.

DSL was originally based on Model-K, a 22 MB stripped down version of Knoppix, but soon after was based on Knoppix proper, allowing much easier remastering and improvements. The minimum system requirements are a 486 processor and 8 MB of RAM.

DSL has been demonstrated browsing the web with Dillo, running simple games and playing music on systems with a 486 processor and 16 MB of RAM.

The security fixes are detailed in the Firefox 3.0.1 section of the Security Advisories for Firefox 3.0 page.

Two of the issues — one related to how Firefox handles command-line URLs to open multiple tabs and another allowing remote code execution by overflowing a CSS reference counter — were also present in Firefox 2 and fixed in Tuesday's Firefox release.

total time: 9.911s After that the device starts fresh with no userdata (obviously).

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Right now I am guessing that if it passes the user-data phase it might flash the system and boot partitions.

There were also questions about add-on compatibility and update approach, that is covered below for 2012.

With rapid releases and new version numbers, we have had questions about what they mean and communicate.

We moved into new releases every 6 weeks of Firefox, to ensure both new features and fixes got out there faster to end users, instead of having to wait up to one year before – enabling a better web for end users and web developers alike.

A concern was raised was about enterprises and releases, and therefore we established the Extended Support Release for Organizations.